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About me

I graduated in 2007 for the study Mass Communication with the specialization Health Promotion and Government Communication. In 2012, I received cum laude for my PhD thesis on the impact of smoking bans on smokers and also the Dutch Public Health Prize. In 2017, I received the ECL ECToH Young Professional Award.


Currently, I work as research coordinator at the IVO Addiction Research Institute and as post-doctoral researcher at Maastricht University (research school CAPHRI) in the Netherlands. My research projects focus on health, wellbeing, and addiction among vulnerable populations. Finally, I am supervising five PhD students on different projects related to smoking cessation, mentoring vulnerable youth, and recovery from drug addiction.


In the past, I have worked for Radboud University Nijmegen's IQ Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare, STIVORO Dutch Expert Centre on Tobacco Control, the Dutch Alliance for a Smokefree Society, and the study program Nutrition and Dietetics of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.


You can follow me and my work on my personal blog and on Twitter. I also have a blog website in Dutch about health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations, on which I post blogs myself and regularly ask guest bloggers to contribute.


In my leisure time, I enjoy going on vacation to the mountains of France, Spain or Greece together with my husband. Our favourite activities are skiing and canyoning. I also like to draw storybooks for children about mountaineering and canyoning.